Academic doc. dr Vinko Peric was born on June 16th in 1953. in Opravdici-in Kravice, Bratunac municipality, Yugoslavia, by father Bozidar and mother Mileva Obackic. When he was one year old he moved with his parents to Sabac and there he completed his primary and secondary education for the TV mechanic. As good knower of electronics and broadcasting techniques he immediately got a job in the electronics industry Nis, Belgrade PSM. After a probationary period of 15 days,when he was 19, „EI“ sends him from Belgrade to the position of head of the broadcasting service in Bosanska Gradiska, where he still lives and works as a manager, multidisciplinary.

After eight years of service at the „EI“ he moves to the „Levita“ AIPK RO Gradiska as technical director of the Electronic Computer Center, which sends him to the educated center VEB „Robotron“, Berlin, DDR, to the two-year specialization and further education in the field of electronics, computer and computer engineering and technology.

After the expiration of a five-year contract he goes into SUR "Veselin Maslesa" Sarajevo, Banja Luka KTRO „Promet“, where he achieved great commercial success and result in the sale in 3 years. From the dealer managers, salesman, head of retail and wholesale to the director of the business center Gradiska.So he ends (in 1989.) correctful and very successful work with an excellent business results-in socio-political Titoist-communist-socialist system and planned economy in that time.

Parallelly with business activities in the state or socially owned enterprises in Yugoslavia in the 80s of last century, he also founded his own company "VICOM" Gsm Bh Vienna in Europe (Austria),in different socio-political and market economic system. So, he adjusted to professional, business and scientific transitional and the upcoming European trends, inevitable changes and integrations.

In the 90s of last century, the socio-political and economic system of Yugoslavia becomes democratized and opportunities for the establishment of private companies were created. Vinko Peric was among the first who used his benignity business experience and work in the West , by establishing his own holding company "VICOM" with more than 30 solo and joint stock companies and companies in the wider region of Yugoslavia. Activities ranged from its own: import-export, trade, graphic and printing, construction, publishing, cultural artists, chemical, financial and applicable accounting, the joint-stock-stock companies in the banking, insurance, funds, including: „Kosig-Dunav“ insurance, Banja Luka, „Croatia“ Zagreb insurance, „Agroprom Bank“, PIF „Privrednik“, „Veselin Maslesa“, „Levita“, etc.....

In post-conflict and transition period, with his innovative looks and advanced ideas in the understanding of the situation, he reduced most of his business activities to media-patriotic and educational activities, raising and influence of their broadcasting network broadcasters. Transition time is painful for everyone, a special media messages can make everything achieved faster and better, he also practically proved that. The greatest patriotic contribution was given by him in 2008. by saving the Serbian Republic of euthanasia and the loss of additional powers of the RS, which are guaranteed by the Dayton Peace Agreement. By that he sacrifised himself,his private electronic medias and his SNS of RS for higher and patriotic aims.

Today, in 2014 he actively and successfully guides two own digital TV networks (VIKOM and CNN) and two radio networks (VIKOM and PLAVI BL), and he also runs his own hotel "Moscow". He is also involved as a consulting manager for crisis situations in many other business and social institutions and subjects of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

In parallel with the business activities he is always present and active member of a political community, and 3 NGOs in several national organizations and institutions. He is currently the President of "Private employers RS". He was also vice president of the Association of Employers of BiH. He is the Chairman of the Presidency "Serbian Progressive Party of Republic of Srpska" since 2006. which is forbidden from extreme muslims from Sarajevo in 2008. In 2014. with prof. dr Emil Vlajki he runs a new political party PESP (The party of economic and social justice),he is the vice president and the leader of the list in republic elections in 2014. for the parliament of RS.
He is the Chairman of the Initiative Committee for the establishment and cooperation of the NGO Associations on Balkan "Serbian Piedmont". Serbian Piedmont should also start in future Balkan Alternative government in shadow.

Academic doc. dr Vinko Peric is continuously and scientifically educated throughout his life and work. He also makes into practice all of his multidisciplinary scientific knowledge. In 1977 he graduated from High School for skilled electrical foreman,in Nova Gradiska (Croatia). He also ends: in 1979/80 school of computer and computer systems(Berlin), in 1986 for mechanical engineering,in 1992 for radio operators, in 1994 German language. In 2002. at the University for Peace and Development of the United Nations "ECPD" in Belgrade he defended his master's thesis "Model of the local TV stations in market conditions. " 15.07.2013. at the International University in Brcko he defended his doctoral dissertation, "The media and communications to the protection and improvement of environmental safety".

After a successful defense of the doctoral dissertation in the field of security, the "Center for Strategic Research of national security" Belgrade - CESNA B engages him in 2013th as an assistant director and head of the Office of RS.

International University of Brcko District receives him 21.10.2013. as an assistant professor-professor in the scientific field "Security in the media and communications"

In 2010. he became a regular member of the "Russian International Academy", "International academy of scientific discoveries and inventions," and in 2011 he became a regular member of the "Serbian Royal Academician Association of Inventors and scientists" (SKAIN) Belgrade, Serbia.

He is an active participant and prelector at over 80 scientific and professional training, conferences, symposia, lectures, seminars, round tables and conferences,at home and abroad, and was several times a organizer of the organizational and scientific committees. He has published over 40 scientific and professional papers, monographs (author, co-author) of scientific,national and international importance, and a numbers of scientific papers and five books are on scientific review and publication stage.

Observed segmently, his practical business experience and engagement ranges from: the economy, media, culture, film, music, ecology, and the policies and activities in all three sectors of Modern European states, with emphasis on NGOs or civil III non-governmental sector.

Academic doc. dr Vinko Peric, a multidisciplinary research worker, academician, professor, doctor of science from several scientific areas: security, media and communication, ecology, Master of Management with a focus on the media, and successful hands-on managers in more practical areas of the economy, life and work.He leaves his countless verified, valid, and particularly innovative and progressive ideas, activities, and results of practical and scientific work which has invaluable interest to the environment. This is confirmed by hundreds of institutions from home and abroad who have allocated valuable awards, prizes, medals, coins, plaques, diplomas, certificates, ISO 9001 Brussels EUREKA, popularity Oscars, Golden Microphone, praise, thanksgiving, etc for its successful operation and performance.